This year's racing is going to be MAYHEM

The Bont Mayhem wheel has a super stiff core with the wheels flex being engineered into the flex band. This is a great all around wheel that will work on a very wide variety of surfaces from bumpy to smooth and everything in between. Previously at any race where you were not sure which wheel to use, the Highroller would be the go to wheel. Now, the Mayhem takes over that roll. It is an extremely versatile wheel that you could use for a 1000m sprint or a marathon.

Usually when a wheel has great grip it wears out quite quickly. Not with the Mayhem. This wheel not only grips and rolls but it has a new urethane formula that gives it incredibly long lasting wear properties as well.

Mayhem Wheels


Model Mayhem
Application Outdoor and Banked track
Diameter 110mm, 105mm, 100mm
Hardness 85A
Made in USA