About Us

In the 1990's Bont built up a strong partnership with Tom Peterson, founder of Hyper Wheels. Hyper sold Bont/Hyper branded Bont Boots like the Blue Bottom and Bont distributed Hyper Wheels. After doing the same thing for many years, Tom sold Hyper and took his best chemist with him and together they formed Robot Inc. They specialized in urethane parts for companies such as Oakley Sunglasses. In 2002, Alexander Bont approached Tom with the idea of creating a new Bont wheel. Tom wasn't making any other inline wheels at the time. Most of the wheels on the market at the time had been based on Hypers' Bankrobber wheel which was designed to perform at 78A durometer. Skaters were demanding harder and faster wheels and we decided to create a new formula for 85A rather than keep modifying the old formula. The result was the Generation 1 Invasion wheel. Over the years we have kept perfecting the formula and the current Generation 4 formula is the highest rebounding, longest lasting urethane formula on the market today. Our goal is to create the best wheel for each surface. We are determined to have the best wheel solution for each application.