Platinum k390

The Bont Platinum blade is made with K390 powder metal tool steel. It holds its edge up to 8 times longer than normal steel blades. The powder metal structure is very fine which gives exceptional gliding properties. The platinum blade is laser cut and hardened in Australia and glue and machined in Holland.

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Platinum K390

The blades can be ordered straight or bent. We also offer them in KR and Half KR spec which have the mounting set back 2cm and 1cm respectively on the blade. The sizes that we always keep in stock are:

K390 Size Chart

Other sizes need to be special ordered and take approximately 6 weeks to produce.

S = Straight
B = Bent
KR = Mounting set back 2cm
1/2 KR = Mounting set back 1cm

Aluminum tubes do not like to be bent. They always spring back to the straight position. To solve this problem, we have two solutions:

1. We make the tube out of an aluminum that is more likely to stay bent than other brands of blades.

2. We cut the slot for the steel blade in the aluminum tube on a slight bend. The tube is straight but the steel blade is already on a slight curve. This curve is slight and you will still need to bend the blade more to get the optimum bend to suit your radius. However, you now only need to bend the aluminum tube a very small amount to get your optimum bend. This small amount of tube bending is not enough to stress the tube and the result is a blade that holds it's bend for a much longer period. Some skaters may never need to re-bend their blades.

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Model K390
Tube Material Acrinalyn Series aluminum
Cup Material Aluminum
Radius 9m
Maximum length 18''
Blade Thickness 1.1mm
Hardness 64 Rockwell
Bend Blades can be ordered straight or machine bent