BONT'S History of custom boot making

Mr. Inze Bont first started making custom boots in the backyard of his Sydney house in 1974 after struggling to find a boot that would fit his wide feet. Mr. Bont pioneered the field of custom boot making and has remained the #1 custom boot builder in the world. Each week, Bont custom makes up to 200 pairs of custom boots per week. The boots today are still made using the same basic principles that Inze Bont invented in 1974.

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All prices are in US$. The pricing can vary a lot depending on which components you want and how you make the mold. If you want to make the molds at home, the easiest way is with Bont's Molding SoxTM. The molding sox are $70 and we send you out a kit to make the molds at home. Shipping for the sox is $30.

Upgrade your package

You can upgrade the bearings to ceramic bearings, or upgrade your wheels in any package.

Ways to make a mold of your feet

We basically accept any form of making molds to make the boots, but remember that the boot can only be as good as the mold provided to us. We can accept laser scanning, plaster casts, Bont Molding SoxTM or plaster bandages. Please make sure that if you are sending molds to us, pack them really well and make sure they are 100% dry. To find out how to use molding sox, click here.

Length of time to make the boots

From July - December it usually takes 4-6 weeks to make the boots after we have received all the boot specifications, molds, and payment. From January - July it will take 4-10 weeks. Laser scans take about 12-16 weeks. Holidays may extend the manufacturing time by an additional 2 weeks.