Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a revolutionary material that is as strong as steel with a fraction of the weight and Bont has been producing carbon based footwear since 1989. The material is mainly comprised of carbon atoms that are bonded together and aligned to form the long axis of the fiber. Several thousand of these fibers are twisted together to form a yarn which is then in turn woven into a fabric. We source our carbon exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. By making our quad skates from fiberglass and carbon fiber rather than leather, we drop the weight of the boot and increase the performance. As an added benefit, the boots become heat moldable thanks to our special heat moldable resin.

Here is some more info on the different types of carbon fiber:

3k carbon

3K Plain3k plain is a tightly woven carbon that is used in the aircraft industry and is what we use in Bont skates.

3k carbon

UnidirectionalUnidirectional is what we use inside our top of the line boots to make them extremely stiff. The benefit of unidirectional carbon is that we can choose which direction we want to lay the carbon and we can produce extremely stiff, light weight skates using it.

12k carbon

12k PlainThis is a cheaper form of carbon that is not as strong as 3k and is around 20% cheaper.