Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Heat Mold my Bont Boots?

A: Please click here for the Bont heat molding page.

Q: How do I find my Bont size?

A: Please click here.

Q: What is room for growth

A: When a parent is buying skates for their child, they want them to be able to skate for more than one season in them. So typically they buy a pair of skates that is a size too big so they can grow into them. However, skates need to support the child's ankles and when the skates are one size too big, they are too lose around the ankles which can be dangerous and cause blisters. To solve this situation, we offer a 'Room for Growth' option. We use the right size boot for the child but we will add a few mm of length to the boot. In this way, the child can grow into the boot in the future, but the ankles will fit tight right now.

Please note that fitting a speed skate is not like fitting a running shoe. Speed skates need to be stiff to give you support and the sides of the skates are made with carbon fiber. When you put your foot into a tight skate, the foot grows in length. Different people’s feet will become longer than others depending on the composition of fat and muscles in your foot. As such, two people with the same length feet may need different size boots. Our size chart is based on feedback from skaters that have told us the maximum length foot that will fit in each size boot.

Q: I use Orthotics in my skates, what can I do?

A: We have a number of solutions. Please see which one best fits your needs:

a) We can build the orthotic into the boot for you and it will be in there permanently. You will need to send the orthotic to us.

b) We build the boot with the orthotic inside but you can remove it. You will not be able to use the boot without the orthotic inside. You will need to send the orthotic to us.

c) You stand on your orthotic while making a pair of molding socks for a custom pair of boots. The orthotic will then be built into the boot and you no longer need to use your orthotics for skating.

For options a. and b., the price is +$30 on top of any boot you choose. There is no additional cost for building the orthotic into a pair of custom boots.

Q: Why are my sneakers 2 sizes bigger than my Bont Skates

A: When Mr. Inze Bont first developed his last in 1975 he was a size 8. Over the years as sneeker manufacturers moved to Asia, last sizes have shrunk. Mr. Bont is now a size 10... So the simple answer is that our last sizes haven't changed for over 30 years where as your running shoe manufacturers lasts have changed.

Q: How long will it take to get my custom Bont Boots?

A: Our current custom boot building time is 9 weeks. Allow extra time after World Championships.

Q: Are your bases pre made?

A: No, all our bases are hand laid by our craftsmen and women. This ensures the base doesn't come apart, ever. Some companies make their bases in Asia and then attach the leather in the USA and say the boots are made in USA when in fact the most important part has been made by people with no boot making experience what-so-ever.

Q: I use orthotics, how can I fit them into my boot?

A: Using the BONT SOX you can easily mould your orthotics into the boot. Simply place the orthotic on the floor and place some plastic over it. Then mould your feet using the Bont Sox and the orthotic will be inbuilt in your foot mould.

Q: My boots are giving me a little bit of pain, what can I do?

A: Heat mould them. See below.

Q: I have some blisters on my ankle, how can I stop them from forming?

A: There are 2 main causes for blisters. a) Ill fitting boots, and b) your skating technique. So the first thing to do is to check that your boots fit properly. If they are one size too big, that will cause blisters. Next, heat mold your boots. Now let's work on your technique. If you push backwards with your toes rather than to the side with your heels, your ankle will no longer be in the right area of the boot and it will cause pain and blisters. The first thing you need to do if you have blisters is to let your feet heel because you won't know if this fix will help if you still have pain. Once your feet heel, try this. When you skate, hold your toes up against the top of the boot. It will make it very hard to toe push. Now concentrate on pushing to the side and with your heel. If someone can video you it would be even better. In 90% of heel blister cases, this solves the problem. Once pushing to the side with your heels becomes second nature, you can forget about lifting your toes up in the boot.

Q: How should I take care of my Bont Boots?

A: If your boots get wet, you must let them dry out in the shade, out of direct sunlight. Dry your boots after use, as the enzymes in sweat will break down the liner. Do not over tighten bolts, as this may cause the nut to be stripped. Replacement nuts are available through your supplier.

Q: What are semi custom boots?

A: Semi custom boots can solve a range of problems like wide or skinny feet, boot height etc. Please read this page to find out more. Click here. The cost is $30 per change.

Q: How can I send my product back for a warranty item?

A: Take them back to the shop you bought them from first and let them determine if it is a warranty item. Never send anything back to us without permission from Bont as we will not pay the tax unless it has been sent the way we ask it to be sent.

If you purchased the product directly from Bont, please use this link.

Q: How can I get sponsorship?

A: Please talk to a Bont rep at a race meet. We can not reply to the volume of sponsorship requests via email.