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Name: Tui Lyon
Derby Name: Tui Lyon
Teams: Victorian Roller Derby League - All Stars. My home team with Victoria is The Dolls of Hazzard and I have previously skated for the Tiger Bay Brawlers in Wales, UK
Age: 25
Years skated: 4.5 years
Position: Blocker
Hobbies: I really love crafts and anything that involves making stuff! So naturally I love sewing and making fun things for my house. I love singing and live music too
Favorite Derby Move: I love catching jammers on my butt (its got a wide reach) and just owning a positional block
Bont boot: Custom Hybrid boot with a lowered ankle, lace cover and speed strap over the top
How did you get into derby? I saw a Roller Derby page on MySpace years ago and thought it looked really cool but there wasn't any teams training near me so I soon forgot about it. About a year later some friends of mine went to watch one of Victorian Roller Derby League's first games and when they saw me the next day proclaimed they had found the perfect hobby for me and I NEEDED to play this sport! So I guess it was meant to be
Tui Lyon