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Rebecca Fisher Back to Quadstars
Name: Rebecca Fisher
Derby Name: Slambda Phage
Teams: Minnesota Roller Girls All Stars, Garda Belts, formerly with Gotham Girls All Stars and Bronx Gridlock
Age: 29
Years skated: roller derby=2; skating on ice=25 (ice hockey, short- and long-track ice speedskating)
Position: Jammer, though I'm working on my blocking :)
Hobbies: Playing ice hockey, watching movies, walking in parks
Favorite Derby Move: Juking
Bont boot: Custom Hybrid Carbon-all gold
How did you get into derby? Saw a MNRG bout years ago and thought it looked cool. I was still playing a lot of hockey then so it took some time until I tried it, but I've been hooked ever since!
Rebecca Fisher