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Maisha Polite Back to Quadstars
Name: Maisha Polite
Derby Name: Queen Loseyateefa
Teams: Dirty South Derby Girls, Denim Demons, SASS
Age: 38
Years skated: I’ve been skating since I was 7 years old but have only been in a committed relationship with Roller Derby for 8.5 years
Position: Blocker
Hobbies: When roller derby gives me free time I like to sing Karaoke, bowl, and I am about to start curling (Winter Olympics 2018 baby)
Favorite Derby Move: whatever gets the job done :-)
Bont boot: I roll on Hybrid Carbon which my feet and desire to win, both agree on
How did you get into derby? I read an article in a local paper which led me to the Atlanta Rollergirls website, which prompted me to go to a practice and then cupid shot me with that arrow. I’ve been smitten ever since