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Name: Kacey Huntington
Derby Name: I. M. Pain #1.618
Teams: CCRG All-Stars and home team: Night Terrors
Age: 33
Years skated: Speed, since 1988. Derby since late 2009
Position: Mainly Jammer but occasionally I get to block and pivot. I do more blocking for my home team, which is great fun!
Hobbies: Renovating my 1910 Rowhome, Biking around the city, Knitting
Favorite Derby Move: Avoiding the Big Hits
Bont boot: Bont Hybrid Carbon in Matte Black with red trim
How did you get into derby? Amy Ruby (Racer McChaseher of Detroit) was telling us about derby and the movie Whip It (because she was an extra!) at Speed Nationals in 2008. The next month I started grad school at Virginia Tech. Even though I tried to stick with speed skating, the closest speed team was too far away from campus for me to be able to juggle both training and school. I was thinking about joining the local roller derby league, but I wasn't sure if I could make the switch. A few months later, I met the local derby team (NRV Rollergirls) out at a karaoke bar near campus, and they talked me into giving it a try. I had my first game in August of 2009. This year, I'm starting my sixth season with the Charm City Roller Girls!
Kacey Huntington