Skater Intel

Jamie Robert Back to Quadstars
Name: Jamie Robert
Derby Name: Curvette
Teams: Current Texecutioner Captain
Age: 34
Years skated: I had limited skating experience when I tried out in 2004. I came to the tryout with a sports background, a willingness to learn, natural aggression and a very competitive nature. So years skating are equivalent to years playing derby: 7
Position: Blocker
Hobbies: I enjoy riding my bike around Austin and doing hot Yoga
Favorite Derby Move: My favorite derby move is anything that involves a hockey stop and hitting someone! I just love the sound my wheels make as I grind into the floor
Bont boot: My Boots are black with red trim Hybrid carbons, and amazing! so light and comfortable. I have had pain in my shins for years but it disappeared as soon as I started wearing my Bonts. They fit snug, simply perfect
How did you get into derby? I found out about rollerderby in 2003. I was living in Cincinnati at the time and I heard a friend of mine from High School was in the hospital. I gave her a call and found out she had suffered a compound fracture of her ankle. I asked my friend what had happened. She replied "roller derby". I asked "How can I get involved?" Within 6 months I found a new job, moved to Austin and tried out with Texas!