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Name: Ariel Quigley
Derby Name: Crash Dance
Teams: Mile High Club
Age: 30
Years skated: I have been roller skating since 2007. I ice skated and roller bladed for fun growing up, but derby was my first time skating competitively
Position: Blocker, Jammer
Hobbies: Derby, duh! I also love to work it on the dance floor, read, purchase sweet high top sneakers, and spend time with my Boston Terrier and American Bulldog
Favorite Derby Move: The booty block
Bont boot: Black Quad Racer Carbon with blue trim and blue Bont logo
How did you get into derby? In 2006, I had heard various rumblings about roller derby in Denver. I was finishing up school in Boulder at the time, and caught a couple of episodes of Rollergirls, the reality series about roller derby in Austin. I was immediately interested in the sport and told myself that I would play when I finished school and was no longer able to play softball competitively. I moved back to Denver later that year and attended a Denver Roller Dolls bout in December of 2006. At the bout, they were talking about recruitment; I tried out in January of 2007 and I began skating in February
Ariel Quigley