Semi Race testing at the Volkswagen Factory in Germany

The Semi-Race is aimed at skaters who want the comfort of a trainer with the performance of a speed skate. The skate uses Bonts’ famous one piece construction with a carbon composite base and patented 3 point mounting. It comes with Hyper Stripe 100mm wheels made in Italy, 6mm padding, and a thicker EVA foot bed. The boot comes with a heat moldable tongue and incorporates our super mold technology making it extremely heat moldable. The tongue is injection molded heat moldable EVA like the foot bed. The frame is 12.8” 3 point 6061 aluminum which weighs just 174 grams which is lighter than many pro racing frames on the market. A new last has been developed specifically for this skate. The boot is a lot stiffer than other skates in the Trainer market and the stiffness comes from within, so there is no need for an external brace to give the boot stiffness. This gives the skate a lot higher performance than other similar types of skates. The complete skate retails for US$399 and there are two choices of colors. There is also be a shorter 90mm version that retails for $379.

  • features

    • 100mm Hyper XTR Wheels 84A
    • ABEC 7 Bont Race Bearings
    • Aluminum 6061 3 Point Frame
    • 7000 series one piece axles
    • Super Mold Technology
    • Brake is optional

    • Bont size 3/35-5/37 come with a 12.5'' frame
    • All other sizes come with a 12.8'' frame


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Brake The Brake fits onto Bont's 3 point Aluminum S-frame. The brake is made from extruded 6000 series aluminum with 7075 axles.

Price: $25.00