Nicole Begg 
Full Name: Nicole Marie Begg

Inline speed skating

Ages: 13 years (14 June )

Year Skating: 12 years

City and Country You Live In: New Zealand

Typical Training Day: Cycle x 1day
Skate & off-skate x 2, cycle & skate x 1 day, weights x 1 day; Skating weekly 2 x endurance 20 - 40 Km, 2 x Interval training, 1 x Relay & skills session.

Equipment you skate on: Bont Sharkies & 4 wheel Bont Lithium.

Club you skate for:
Mt. Wellington Auckland N.Z.

Sponsors names: Bont

Favorite Food: Burger King Chicken Burger

Your Interests/Hobbies: Cycling, Running, Swimming, reading

Goals: To emulate her mum & be world Champion.
( Mum Cheryl won 3 & 6 x 2nd, retired '92 No 1 overall Rome )

Career Highlights:
Winning Oceana Junior -17 Half Marathon 2000 when only 12, 7 medals Oceana Cairns 2001

Anything else you would like over 10,000 skaters a week to read: Like to grow, so she can see where she is going,only 4' 10" in height

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