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Dealer Application


Your company must meet ALL the following criteria in order to be registered with us as an Authorized Bont Dealer.

  • 1. You must be operating in an area where there are no other Bont Representatives or have permission from us to operate in that area/region.
  • 2. You must prove that you own a sports/skate shop.
  • 3. You must show that you have genuine quad skate and Bont product knowledge.
  • 4. If we receive complaints that you are dumping cheap equipment including Bont equipment on the speed skate market your application will be revoked.
  • 5. Bont retains the right to revoke your application at any time, with no warning providing we have a good reason to do so. eg. Selling outside your region, offering poor customer service.
  • 6. All Bont product pictures and logos, including internet pictures, will meet with Bont's high standards. Also, you will not promote or advertise Bont deleted product models that are over 1 year old. Except when specifically shown as deleted lines.
  • 7. You must not disclose any Bont confidential information including product pricing.
bont dealer application
*Company Name:
*Owner (who pays the bills, who is responsible?):
*Manager / purchasing officer (the person we deal with):
Region where you wish to sell Bont products:
*Company type: Distributor Wholesaler Internet Shop
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