Z Skates

Impressive Mid Range Inline Boot

Getting the right fit is essential for comfort and performance. The Z skate starts out being built around a last that has been modified and improved for over 35 years by Mr. Inze Bont.

With the Z, you get the best of everything and for a very affordable price.

Quad Mybonts

Mybonts is the latest and greatest way to customize your Bont boots. We have been creating custom designs since 1975. Match your team colors, add your name.

Go wild choosing custom colors on the MyBonts page now.

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Z Mybonts

Durolite Outer Skin

Strength to weight ratio's have always played an important part in Bont inline shoe design as all materials considered and developed for products within the Bont range must comply to strict standards. Durolite has been developed and chosen for the Vaypor+ upper and liner for its extremely durable nature and light weight. Initially stock colors will be matt white and matt black with additional colors available in our semi custom range.

Durolite Outer Skin

Retention System

The top lace cover combined with the lower velcro strap allows you to tighten the boot the way you want it.

Retention System

Anti Stretch

Between the outer skin and the liner we add a material that is proprietary to Bont to stop the boot from stretching over time. This material has similar strength characteristics to Kevlar. This material is stitched to the outer skin and bonded to the liner so it can never move or be removed, it becomes part of the boots structure. This layer is the reason that Bont boots do not stretch out as much as other brands of boots over time.

Anti Stretch

Carbon Fiber

We source our carbon exclusively from the world's #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. The base of the Z is made by hand by sandwiching cross weave carbon and fiberglass which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear.

Carbon Fiber

Last Design

A last is a plastic replica of a foot that the boot is built around. Last makers do not make skate lasts, they only make shoe lasts so perfecting a speed skating last is not an easy prospect. At Bont, we have been perfecting our lasts since 1975 and the process is ongoing. We feel that we put more effort into our last than any other skating brand and it is the reason that Bont boots fit more skaters than any other brand on the market.

Last Design


The Z utilises closed cell memory foam that will not retain water assisting in maintaining a lighter shoe during wet conditions as well as ensuring sweat which can begin to break down the durability of the shoe is not absorbed.


TPU Toe Protector

The toe protector not only protects the front of your boot from impact but it also has ventilation which keeps your feet cool.


Heat Moulding

Bont inline boot is the most heat moldable shoes available. Bont's proprietary resin has been developed and perfected over 36 years to be an extremely stiff resin that becomes pliable at relatively low temperatures. Unlike other shoes which are moldable only in select locations, all Bont inline boots are able to be molded over the entire chasis providing cyclist not only with the most anatomically designed cycling shoe on the market today, but also with the ability to fine tune the fit of the entire shoe to give a customised fit.

  • Model
    Carbon composite base 85% carbon, 15% fiberglass
    Outer Skin
    Microfiber Liner
    Air Vents
    Toe and tongue
    EVA thermo-moldable
    Heat Moldable
    Fully Heat Moldable Base Utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
    Soft Memory Foam
    Front TPU bumper
    Stock Color Options
    Black/White, White/Black, Green Camo, Red/Black
    Size Options
    3 - 13
    Custom Made
    Can be ordered custom made

Welcome to the Bont Size Wizard

The best way to find out what BONT size you are is to try one on.

If you are unable to do this, please get the right BONT size by following bont sizing wizard step by step.

Please prepare a piece of paper, a pen, a ruler, then click 'start' when you are ready


Step1. Put a piece of paper against the wall

Step2. Place your heel to touch the wall

Step3. Place your toe at the longest distance from the wall

Step4. Mark the end of your toe on the paper

Step5. Mark the widest part of your foot on the paper

Step6. Then measure the length and width

Step7. Enter in your MM size in the box, then press the "GO"

Left Foot
Right Foot
Left Foot
Right Foot
*Note that this wizard is a guide and may not work with all feet.
Toe Guard

Bont Laces-Optional Color

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Protective Front Bumper

TPU Protective Front Bumper

This extremely durable and super light TPU protective bumper can provide extra protection and style for your shoes. Simply glue them on the outside of the shoes with Loctite 401.

A set of 2 bumpers (Left and Right)

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Protective Side Bumper-Standard

Bont Innersole For Inline

Bont innersoles are made of heat moldable EVA. They are comfortable and thin so they don't take up too much space in your boot. The edges are curved and thin so that there is a seamless transition between the innersole and your boot liner.

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Bont Buckle


Need to replace your buckle? This buckle kit includes a pair of buckles, loop, a pair of 11cm or 8cm ladders and screws. Just grab a small screw driver and you can easily replace your current buckles.

Please note that you can only replace the buckle on your shoe with the same buckle kit that the shoe came with. You can not replace a Standard buckle with a Slimline buckle.

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Bont Laces-Optional Color

3PF Mounting Bolts

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