Bont Size Chart and Fax Instructions

Please trace your foot following exactly the following steps. The fax machine occasionally changes the size of the tracing so we need you to put measurements on it for us as you will see below. Then when the fax arrives, all we need to do is double check the measurement you gave us to make sure it matches.

printer 1. Please print out the BONT foot tracing grid paper from the link below. Make sure you click “NONE” for Page Scaling option. Otherwise the grid might not have the exact measurement. Use your ruler to check that the page has printed out in the right dimensions. If it’s correct, go on to the next step.

foot 2. Stand with your right bare foot placed either vertically straight if your foot can fit within the grid or diagonally across the paper if your foot is too large to fit on the paper. See below examples.

foot1 foot2

3. Hold a thin black pen in a vertical position and trace right around the foot. Do not try to make your feet bigger or smaller with the pen.

4. Remove that foot and replace with your left foot and trace it around in the same way.

5. Measure the length and width of both feet. Make sure you mark the longest point and show both ends of the line clearly by drawing little a vertical line for length and horizontal line for width with a ruler and put the precise measurement in mm unit on a marked area. Fax the tracing to BONT. Do not write anything on the edge of the paper as the fax can change the tracing in any way.

6. Write your name and contact details to avoid delays; the desired model and any other relevant information Bont should know.

Our fax # is: + 86 591 8730 8008. If that number is busy try our other office number but make sure it says 'Attention Wynne' on it: + 86 591 8391 1808

Any questions, just ask.