When you buy Bont boots you are buying a piece of racing heritage. Bont is the world's oldest and most prestigious speed inline and short track brand. Every boot is hand crafted from the ground up. Our R & D team is the largest in the world and allows us to continually innovate to produce products that make you skate faster. Bont is the world's largest producer of hand made speed skates.


    • vaypor

    • Top of the line inline racing boot designed for the World Inline Cup
    • z

    • Impressive mid range inline or ST boot
    • jet

    • The best value skate on the market
    • cheetah

    • Entry level inline boot
    • semi race

    • The comfort of a rec skate combined with the speed of race boot
    • alpha

    • The rec skate reinvented


    • quad racer

    • Hybrid

    • derby patriot

Longt Track

    • vaypor

    • Low cut, long track ice or inline marathon
    • z

    • Mid spec long track ice boot
    • jet

    • Entry level Long Track racing boot

Short Track

    • vaypor

    • The ultimate short track boot
    • z

    • World's most popular short track and inline speed boot
    • patriot

    • Entry level Short Track Boot