Bont Inline SkatesBont Inline Skates


The Sframe7 is a super stiff 3 point Aluminum frame. The aluminum with the S shaped extrusion and Bont's 3 point boot combine to make the stiffest setup on the market. Perfect for track skating or heavy skaters. Even though we have beefed up the material, the frame is still one of the lightest on the market.

  • Lengths: 4 x 100mm 13" (1004), 4 x 110mm (1104), 4 x 105mm 12.8" (1054) ,
    3 x 110mm & 1 x 100mm 12.8"(1100)
  • Material: 7000 AL
  • Boot Mounting: 3 Point
  • Axle Material: 7075 T6
  • Deck Height: Front 33.5 Rear 33.5 (center axle to top of frame)
  • Weight: 1004 193g, 1100 179g, 1104 198g

Price: $269
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Bont 3 point frames are the lightest frames in the world starting at just 90 grams. Our frames are tested by our pro racing teams all over the world and we use the most advanced computer stress testing on the market to ensure that your frames never bend or break. The frame is coated with Keronite so it will never corrode.